Pleasing ‘n’ Easy Lavender Bath Salt Recipe

Need to relax?  You may also need your magnesium.  You’ve probably heard that soaking sore muscles in Epsom salt is highly recommended, now we know there are many reasons for that!  We already know that just being  able to relax is  therapeutic.  But its also good to know how to do it effectively and to get the best bang for your buck while enjoying something good for yourself!Its also very important to know that Magnesium is a powerful relaxation mineral that you definitely don’t want to be deficient in.  It can be  a cure all if you get it when you need it.  A doctor on Huffington Post calls Magnesium his “secret weapons against illness” (link  below).  You can absorb this with the use of Epsom salts, while enjoying all the benefits of a hot bath and aroma therapy!  I really do love a hot bath.  It helps me on so many levels.

Here is a recipe that I just throw together when we need another batch of bath salts.   My kids have sensitive skin and the bath salt mixture helps this and with hard water as well.  Some day I would love to have  water softener installed, but until then this helps to make our water quality better.  Plus I will never get over the delicious aromatherapy from the essential oils.  You may also notice that you can use use less shampoo and body wash because it really stretches out soap and bath products. I hope you will be able to bust out this easy recipe so you can really relax during a hot bath using your own homemade bath salts.

Homemade Bath Salts

6 cups Epsom salts (I like drugstore generic prices)

3 cups Sea or Solar Salts (Morton Solar salts we found at Home Depot)

1/2 cup baking soda

20-40 drops of Lavender essential oil (I buy from Whole Foods)

2 tsp glycerin (I found this in the cake decorating isle at Micheal’s)

Mix ingredients well in a large mixing bowl.  Allow to dry for several hours.  Add 1/3 to 1 cup bath salts after you enter your bath.  I like to fill large mason jars, which are usually hanging around or pretty cheap, for a simple look. Its nice print out my own label or find a free printable gift tag online to decorate the jar with.  Sometimes we add ribbon in the coordinating colors to the bathroom. Giving them as gifts are fun, too.  Its best to use plastic containers for easy use in the bathroom with children.   The kids like to help make this and I especially love enjoying the benefits afterward!  “CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!”  Like…..Seriously.

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