Chickens on a mission ~ Chicken Tractor

Here is another interesting way of getting your chickens involved with recycling of an old fashioned nature!

Permaculture Chicken Tractor

These are portable, bottomless, shelter-pens designed and equipped to move wherever you need weed and grass control and soil fertility. Your chickens will have access to fresh food daily and your garden soil will benefit from the direct application of manure as the chickens are rotated through your garden.

We grew up with free flying pet finches and other pet birds in our home (sometimes curtained off into aviary cages).  Looky no touchy!

So this is a fun side of bird keeping (especially having young children now) with having them outdoors and be able to actually handle them and get eggs!   I am constantly finding more positives that these little darlings  bring to our land, and family.  More reasons to love chickens!   I could talk chickens all night!

I have 3 Mille Fleur Duccle chicks.  1 Birchen Coachin Bantam chick and 2 silkie hens (Splash and Buff).  Adorable!

A local nursey is expecting Silver Penciled Bantams in a couple weeks and I am ALL over it!